“What started out for me as a purpose to help build a relationship with my children very quickly turned into something much bigger …”

Caroline (Laois)

“I felt a huge connection with Meree from early on that both scared and excited me. For the first time in my life somebody cared enough to see there was an awful sadness in me…. “

Daniel  (Carlow)

“Meree has given me my life back. I felt understood. The empathy support and guidance shown to me continues to be priceless. Meree has taught me to cope with anger, loss and real pain. I no longer run from it or sweep it under the carpet….. “

Joan (Carlow)

 “I have got more from my sessions with Meree than anybody has ever given me. She took the time to get to know the real me. She has guided me through very dark sadness and helped me nurture the lost and broken child that was within me…..  

Paul (Carlow)

“Relationships with my children, family and friends are far richer, more honest, caring and happy now….”

Valerie (laois)


(After completing course on Self Esteem and Confidence)


“I now realise I am not responsible for all or indeed any of the managerial problems at work. I realise that I was very affected by the negativity of work. Now I just do my best and stay clear of all that….”

Dolores (Kildare)

“I have learned to take responsibity for my life and deal; with my business alone. I now know that I am capable of getting the results I want from life….. “

Mary (Offaly)

“Now I don’t let people take me for granted. I organise myself before I take on others’ work and problems…. “

John (Offaly)

“I am now aware of how hard I was on myself. I was expecting myself to know everything and to solve everyone’s problems. Now I am Kinder…. “

Pauline (Laois)

Teenager’s comments

  • I learned how to speak about things that I wasn’t comfortable speaking to anyone else about.
  • I learned confidence.
  • I learned that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.
  • I found having people talking openly in groups was very useful. I never heard people talk so real before.
  • I learned that other people think the same way as I do. I feel more accepted.
  • I learned just to be confidant and to let it show because it is something that people like to see in a person and helps with a lot of aspects of life.
  • I learned thing about my friends that they wouldn’t normally say.
  • I learned to think before I judge people.
  • I learned not to try to be something you’re not.
  • I learned how to act around older people.
  • I learned that body language is extremely important. Before this I didn’t even know what it was.
  • We discussed ways of dealing with bullying and I found this very helpful as I was bullied before.
  • We discussed smoking and anti-social behaviour.
  • I learned more about self confidence and good vibes.

“Meree is a unique individual, highly skilled in presentation and inspiration. She is a genuine straight talker, who on opening her mouth to speak, instantly gains the attention and respect of the room. As team leader, she was excellent in her role and took it to a whole new level. I find Meree to be a lady like no other. She has a gifted insight into people and their behaviour, an ability that served her well in her role.”

Darren Conroy (BNI Chapter Director)