No one trains us to be parents. It is said to be the toughest job, yet we receive no preparation or guidance.

As a parent

  • ○Do you need help to communicate with your Partner/child /Teenager?
  • ○Having problems with discipline…too much or too little?
  • ○Challenging Behaviour?
  • ○Low Self esteem/ Confidence?
  • ○Are you always shouting?
  • ○Confused as to what to do? 
  • ○Concerned about Safety?
  • ○Need Guidance and Support?
  • ○Having Relationship difficulties?
  • ○Unable to cope?
  • ○Feeling stressed and anxious trying to know what’s best?
  • ○Relationship Training with a Psychotherapist or Communication Guidance with a Life Coach may be just the solution.
  • ○With Psychotherapy and Life Coaching you will:
  • ○Get Direction and Guidance
  • ○Communicate openly
  • ○See the other person’s point of view
  • ○Choose how to Act rather than React.
  • ○Learn how to Compromise
  • ○Find  a favourable outcome
  • ○Talk Freely
  • ○Instil Confidence not Fear
  • ○Help  your child cope with disappointments and bad experiences 
  • ○Deal with Bullying
  • ○Learn how to show unconditional Love
  • ○Create Rapport
  • ○Make your home a safe place


All consultations – €60