No one trains us to be parents. It is said to be the toughest job, yet we receive no preparation or guidance.

As a parent 

   Do you need help to communicate with your Partner/child /Teenager?

   Having problems with discipline…too much or too little?

   Challenging Behaviour?

   Low Self esteem/ Confidence?

   Are you always shouting?

   Confused as to what to do? 

   Concerned about Safety?

   Need Guidance and Support?

   Having Relationship difficulties?

   Unable to cope?

   Feeling stressed and anxious trying to know what’s best?

Relationship Training with a Psychotherapist or Communication Guidance with a Life Coach may be just the solution.

With Psychotherapy and Life Coaching you will:

    Get Direction and Guidance

    Communicate openly

    See the other person’s point of view

    Choose how to Act rather than React.

    Learn how to Compromise

    Find  a favourable outcome

    Talk Freely

    Instil Confidence not Fear

    Help  your child cope with disappointments and bad experiences 

    Deal with Bullying

    Learn how to show unconditional Love

    Create Rapport

    Make your home a safe place

All consultations – €50